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Welcome to Harry the Dog's Website

Hi my name is Harry and I welcome you to my new website. On here you will be able to keep track on my on and off screen lifestyle.

In 1998 I was rescued by Last Chance in Wales. They kindly took me to Edenbridge, where I stayed with my new pals for six weeks. Although I enjoyed my time there I wished that someone would come along and take me home. People would come along and take my pals away but I stayed, until a lady stumbled across me. I walked over to the lady and she stroked my ears. It felt lovely!!!

She is now my Mum and I must say that my velvety ears and big puppy dog eyes had worked a treat. From leaving the kennels my life could not get better with horse riding, sailing and walking. But now it has reached record heights with a career in acting ( I have even had a speaking part.)

I hope you enjoy walking around my website. I will be keeping it updated with news, videos and I look forward to showing you more famous friends in my gallery. If you would like to contact me then please dig up the bone. Woof!

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